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How does it work?

Start Small

On this platform, you are require to donate small cash and you will recieve 300% percent of your donation. If you are too poor to donate #700 to a user please don't join.


You grow

The system require you to join the #1000 stage once you have recieved your #2100 ROD(return on donation). On this stage you get #4000 ROD(Return on donation).


Let Friends know

The platform is advertise on major social platform like facebook and instagram for people to recieve donation as quick as possible. You can share your friends and family to join this platform and get paid directly.


On Social Media

It nice to make money. - RJEF

  • OCT 2017

    Humble Beginnings

    I like the idea of klub7. It make you start small. You make money with few bucks, and the site operators are not money lusters!

  • OCT 2017

    Leverage your friends

    One of the reason i join this platform is the fact that i can share people to join, and i get 100% of their payments.

  • OCT 2017

    Make progress as you go

    You start with #700 and make 300% in a short time. I can now donate #1000 on the beta stage and get 400% in return!

  • OCT 2017

    It a free Klub

    I donated #2100 to my upline who link me up. And 7 people have donated cash to me - 2 left. I think it better than my bank.

  • OCT 2017


    Thanks to klub7 for making it real for me to earn some cash. I doubt it at first, but when i took the risk i now believe it pays.

  • OCT 2017

    No more betting

    Klub7 na the best ooo. before am use to giving alabi(bet9ja) my money without winning, but since i join klub7 with just 700h i have recieved my payments and now i don register another account.... as a sharp guy no dulling

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Returns on donation

Your return on donation (ROD) has a 90% guarantee.

On Klub7 donations is time based, no manipulation. Please if you are not ready to donate cash don't join. It a Klub network, you win if you know how to.

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We only reply to user issues.